Wife’s First Time

Playing with a frisbee turns into wild sex and many orgasms.

Peg is 5 foot even and 95 pounds. We had only been married a year when this happened and I still get hard thinking about it.

We decided to get a dog and found a guy who breeds Rottweilers. We bought a male and called him Bear.He was a very playful guy and loved to wrestle in our back yard.

Peg and I have a very good sex life. She is open to saying what she likes and is willing to try almost anything I suggest.She is very spontaneous, open and likes to wear the bare minimum when at home: no panties, just a house dress as when one Saturday we were out back playing with Bear. I had been throwing the Frisbee for him and he delivered it back to Peg. She was tugging at it laughing with him. Then she tried to throw it and Bear knocked her down trying to get it back. She was struggling to get onto her feet when he mounted her leg and started humping her.

Peg was laughing and trying to push him away yelling “stop” but every time she got on her knees he mounted her again until we were both laughing. Even with me helping her, he got his nose under her dress. Peg squealed when he started nuzzling her leg and licking her thigh.

She said “Bad boy Bear” pushing at his nose. But Peg was on her back now and Bear was still under her dress licking away. Peg looked up at me and said, “Make him stop that honey.” When she said “that” I could tell by her tone that

he must be at her pussy. Now she pleaded with me to help her and I asked her: “Is he licking you?”

She said through her teeth, “Yes he is……m..m… make.. him stop.”

I asked, “Does it feel good?”

She looked up at me and her body jerked as he kept at his licking and she nodded at me, numbly,, “His tongue is rougher than yours… but yes it does f..fee..feel good.”

Peg wasn’t resisting him now but said, “My god honey, He’s a dog. We can’t let him do this. I mean anybody could look over the fence and see us.”I said, “If I help will you let him see what he will do when we take him inside?”

By now Peg’s body was responding to his tongue. Her eyes were beginning to flash with excitement. Bear seemed to realize that he was going to get a treat as I pulled him back out from under her dress. I helped her to her feet.

Peg’s face was flushed with embarrassment and sexual excitement too .

Once inside I told her: “Lift your dress and sit back on the couch.” Bear was watching her every move. She looked at me saying: “Are you sure?” I nodded and led her to the couch, kissing her cheek, which was hot. Then she sat on the couch, looking at me saying “O K” and spread her legs open for Bear. She is beautiful and opening her naked for Bear...and me was really sexy. I wanted to eat her out myself but waited to see Bear work on my wife's sweet cunt.

She stared at me in a kind of puzzlement and wonderment; she was exposed and her cunt was ready and Bear started nuzzling and licking again. She focused on him and her hot body began to respond. Now her hips were moving very seductively and her eyes flashing, lust in her face, looking at me in a gratitude at her pleasure, smiling and lifting. Then his tongue slipped inside her and Peg let out a throaty gasp of amazement. She looked up at me, her eyes full of an abandonment and lust. I was rock hard watching my wife’s luscious cunt being licked and her writhing on his forbidden tongue. I pulled out my throbbing cock and stroked in time with the licking.

Bear was feverishly dipping into her pretty cunt now with his thick tongue and Peg was grunting like an animal as he licked her spend. I asked: “ Are you cumming baby?” as her body jerked uncontrollably. Then she slowed her moving and was just gasping for breath .

I asked: “Did you cum?”

She looked up at me with a wan smile and mumbled a satisfied: “UMH HUMMMM” between gasps for breath. But Bear was still going at her cunt and in seconds Peg was grunting and gyrating as she undulated against his mouth and came again. Bear stood back panting, almost smiling, as Peg came down from her second orgasm.

Bear’s cock was hanging out of its sheath and Peg was looking at it saying, “God his thing looks funny. Look how it is pointed on one end and thick in the middle. And B I G!” I said, “Let’s see if he will fuck you.”

Peg seemed hesitant but curious and still really hot. She asked: “Really? Do you think he would? Do you want him to fuck me? Do you want me to let him?” I could tell from her tone she was anxious and wanting more. "Don't you want him to?" I asked. She looked at me and my cock in my hand. She smoothed the hairs on her cunt and said: "Yes I do! I want Bear to fuck me."


I nodded, “Turn over on the couch and get your pussy right to the edge and see what he does”. Peg got on the floor and wrestled with him before he started to mount her again. Then Bear was trying to mount any part of her body that was available. Peg was laughing excitedly, leaned on the couch presenting herself as Bear mounted with his feet on both sides of her hips, his cock poking out. Then it was my turn to be surprised when my little reluctant wife without asking me for help, grabbed his cock and pulled it to her cunt!

She scooted farther down on the couch. Peg positioned his cock, then His cock slipped into her and she lifted.. feeling inside her excited him, and me, he began to thrust wildly with his cock falling out of her several times until his knot started to form. Then Peg pulled him into her again holding him there with her hands as he went nuts. His feet were hopping on the floor. Peg was lifting to each thrust, burying her head in the pillows, shaking in pleasure. Then Bear stopped, standing there knotted, cumming in her, panting happily and I told Peg he was cumming.I was hot, too, and sat next to her stroking my cock to a cum, holding Peg’s hand..

She laughed saying, “Oh my god. I cant believe this. How long will we be stuck together like this?”

I said, “I don’t really know babe. How does it feel?” She gave me a throaty laugh saying “It feels fantastic”.

I watched as her finger started to rub her clit and I just watched as her breathing got faster and her eyes turned smokey and she began to move on his cock again. She wanted one more nice little cum. It took a long time because she would bring herself to the brink of orgasm then lie there with her eyes closed. Then she would do it all over again until she released and came one last time.

We talked and laughed until his knot slipped out. She squealed when his cum gushed out. Peg cupped her hands underneath and dashed for the bathroom to clean up, leaking cum down her legs and leaving a trail of cum on the floor.

We have learned since and now at least once a week Peg gets all sexed up for Bear. We get a bath towel for her so she won’t get his cum all over the place.

I saw the dog breeder recently and he asked how the dog was turning out. I blushed and he laughed…knowingly…saying: “Right! I kept a big one for my wife. She just loves him.”


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