My 1st K9 Sex

My first time having sex with a dog

I’m Jan and would like to share my taboo sexual activities with you all, I am not a fully-fledged author so bear with me.

I am Widowed, I sold the house it was too big for me to manage i bought a smaller house close to my parents and my son works away a lot and when is on his off time, he would stay with me and usually did the jobs around the house that I couldn’t do.

I was out with my friend having a few drinks and she suggested that I should get on some of the dating apps to meet people she suggested a few and I was surprised that she was on them as the evening wore on, I had joined to sites and wasn’t long before the messages started coming through, some were a joke “What you wearing” seemed to the most common.

I had been using these apps for a while and had not met anyone that was down to me not liking what I was seeing then as I was. searching a profile caught my eye a woman with a dog and a profile name referring to the dogs knot I knew about women having sex with dogs but never came across it till now, so I messaged her asking about the reference to her profile name after a few hours she messaged me back and soon I was chatting with this woman about bestiality she told me what she likes and if I was interested she would teach me as she had met with a few likeminded people from the app so after thinking about it I agreed.

Elaine lived a few miles drive away from me and on the day, I was to meet her I did have a few doubts about it but eventually I plucked up the courage and drove to her house. I arrived late she thought I had decided against it but she was glad that I had come. Inviting me in we chatted for a while and Elaine explained what I would expect, and she would think nothing less of me if I backed out but the fact, I was their told her I wasn’t.

Elaine introduced me to one of her dogs Casper, he was a German Shepard Elaine told me he was fully trained for a second, I didn’t understand but then it dawned on me. Casper came when I called him, I knelt and began stroking him. I stroked my hands all over him. He felt so soft. Elaine suggested we move into another room which she had arranged.

The room was bare apart from a mattrass and a sheet on the floor Elaine knelt down and started rubbing Caspers belly which excited him. She was cupping his balls with one hand and with the other she stroked his sheath, she motioned me to join her which I did and was soon feeling attracted to Casper who was going to be my new lover. Elaine guided my hand onto his cock It wasn't long before his rather thick and wet cock poked itself out and into my hand. The feel of it was strange at first but it didn't take long to begin to appreciate it's magnificence. It's size and firmness, Elaine was backing away and suggested I taste it but was not under any pressure to do so after a few false starts I bent my head down and let my tongue taste his tip.

It was moist and tasted quite pleasant so here I was kissing a dog's cock and without a second thought I slipped more of the dog cock into my mouth. I couldn't believe I was doing this, yet I was shaking at what i was doing I soon felt at ease with what I was doing. I continued for some time to savour my new lover's cock as more and more protruded from it's cover. Casper was getting excited.

I was so into tasting this cock I hadn't heard Elaine talking to me when she got through to me she had me up and to strip off clothes soon discarded she had Casper ready to taste my pussy. He eventually came over after some coaxing and Elaine getting me to rub some dog peanut butter on my pussy Casper started to sniff my pussy. His tongue didn't take long to get to work as I stood there with my leys spread More and more his tongue was licking me wow what a feeling it was, I was soon on my back Casper between my legs licking away lapping up my juices from the orgasm he had given me.

I felt the strangest, yet most wonderful feeling, taking me further and further into the state of wanton arousal. It was lovely and I was going weak I found myself spreading my legs as wide as I could bending my knees slightly to allow his tongue greater penetration.

This was so good My head was spinning, and I was in a state that I never been in before. I had enjoyed great sex but this was different. I had never been orally violated like this before! After five minutes or so it was time for further exploration, I turned around and bent over against ta chair for support, allowing Casper to lick my arse,

He went to work giving my behind a thorough cleaning. How wonderful this was! He kept it up as a bent over more and more, allowing him to push his tongue further into my appreciative rectum. After a few minutes of this K9 treatment I went weak at the knees and soon found myself on the floor all fours allowing Casper took the opportunity to mount me and sink his cock deep into my soaking wet and waiting pussy.

I wanted this cock. I couldn't wait to feel dog cock deep inside my hungry pussy as it had not received much attention lately. He was prodding away and dry humping I could feel his cock hitting me but not where I wanted it, suddenly he found the right spot, and after a few more thrusts he found the hole. Then it was a couple more thrusts and was in my welcoming pussy. It felt different but good, He started fucking me so hard it was amazing had never been fucked that hard before. He wrapped his front paws around my waste and thrusted and fucked me like there was no tomorrow.

I had to relax and take it nothing I could do the weight of the dog pushing me down after the initial introduction, which was filled with uncertainty, uncertainty which gave way to sheer pleasure. Casper’s thrusting continued for a while which I couldn't tell you how long it had been as I was in a state of ecstasy. That's the only way to describe it. A state I'd never been in before. Then as the thrusting subsided, the throbbing continued as I felt him filling me up with his dog spunk.

Casper had his knot inside me with his front paws now down beside me but his cock continued to pump away, filling me with his spunk. It was plentiful, and it was warm and nice. It was filling then overflowing and running down my legs. We stayed like this for a time I couldn’t tell you how long, but I was enjoying it.

The feeling of this dog inside me, breeding me, pleasuring me in way I've never been pleasured before. But also, I knew I would be wanting more of this. Eventually his cock popped out of my well fucked hole and he spent time cleaning me.

As he was stood there, I saw how big and beautiful it had grown to during the fucking session he had just given me I couldn't help but move down under him and take that lovely cock into my mouth, sucking it right in and savouring it completely, licking along each side of the shaft and swallowing as much of his juices as I could. It tasted lovely, much different to a man's, not as salty and much different. Nicer.

As I stood up Elaine gave me towels to clean myself up wiping myself down, I was shaking slightly at what had just happened. After getting dressed I joined Elaine in her kitchen where she had made coffee for us both. Elaine was asking if it was what I had thought the honest answer was it wasn’t it was far better than I ever dreamed of.

Mixed thoughts travelled through my mind for the rest of the night as I went about my jobs at home, but I knew one thing was certain, I wanted to feel Casper inside me again...and again....and again! I loved the experience and I wanted more. I messaged Elaine thanking her for what she had done and told her I would be free for more. She phoned we chatted for a while and told me she had told a group of her friends about me and would I like to join them all in a doggy session. After thinking about it I said yes.


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